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Case Study:

New Passenger Experience


Redefining in-car experience for an automotive leader by blending AI, machine vision, and vehicle sensors into an engaging passenger journey.


A leading automotive manufacturer aspired to create novel types of passenger experiences, aiming to innovate beyond the current generation of in-vehicle engagement.

This endeavor required leveraging the vehicle's sensors, integrated data, and driving dynamics to pioneer a new standard in how passengers interact with and enjoy their journey. The project was not just about enhancing the in-vehicle experience but ensuring it seamlessly integrated with the advanced capabilities of modern automobiles, representing a leap into uncharted territory of passenger entertainment and interaction.

Our Approach

Astra, leveraging its deep expertise in cutting-edge technology and user experience design, engaged in a collaborative process through a two-day intensive workshop aimed at designing this groundbreaking solution.

Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and machine vision for object recognition, along with the computing power of vehicle computers and GPUs, Astra developed an interactive experience that was innovative at its core.

The solution integrated an exterior camera system and introduced gameplay mechanics that ingeniously used the vehicle’s sensors and systems, ensuring a forward-thinking design that could evolve with emerging technologies.


The Process

Through a blend of expert knowledge, cross-disciplinary teamwork, and a user-centric approach to design and development, this narrative unfolds the story of how a bold idea came to life.


Astra and the design team initiated the project with a two-day workshop, laying the foundation by brainstorming, prototyping, and refining ideas in a highly collaborative setting.

Harnessing the Data

The exploration of vehicle data was pivotal, allowing Astra to deeply understand and creatively use the car's sensors and systems.

Human Factor Studies

Understanding the human element to ensure that the new passenger experience was not only engaging and entertaining but also intuitive and comfortable.

This step lead to key discoveries which defined interfaces and concepts.

Building the Experience

A multidisciplinary team of UX/UI artists, 3D modelers, programmers, and engineers worked in unison to bring the envisioned experience to life.

Developing Test Vehicles

Astra developed test vehicle platforms equipped with custom solutions enabling real-world testing and refinement of AI Vision, sensor technologies, and experience design.

Innovation and Flexibility

Challenges such as tight timelines, technological constraints, and the need for intuitive user interfaces were met with agile development practices and a culture of open, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

User Data & Retrospective

By collecting insights into how passengers interacted with the new features, feedback was core to ideation and enhancement the overall experience.

The Results

Faced with the challenging four-month timeline, Astra succeeded in delivering an interactive passenger experience that represents a significant advancement in automotive innovation.

This project not only showcases the potential of integrating artificial intelligence and machine vision into the automotive experience but also establishes a new industry standard for interactive vehicles that entertain, engage, and educate. Astra's venture into creating a new type of passenger experience has not only met the ambitious goals set by the automotive manufacturer but also significantly contributed to shaping the future of in-vehicle entertainment and interaction.

The Teams

The project's success was driven by a diverse and skilled team of nearly 20 professionals, including UX/UI artists, 3D modelers, programmers, and engineers, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the table.

This multidisciplinary collaboration fostered an environment of creativity and innovation, where cutting-edge technology and design principles merged to create an immersive passenger experience.

Art & Design Team

UX/UI, 3D Modelers, Generalists

Development Team

Game Developers and Technical Artists

Artitical Intelligence Team

AI Development, Model Optimization, and Implementation

Hardware Engineering Team

Electrical Design, Programming, and Architecture

Leadership Team

Experience Design and Solutions Architecture